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How Barbie Brought Attention to Securing the Internet of Things

Every holiday season, Barbie dolls become a fascination for children everywhere. Making its debut in March 1959, Barbie is the single most successful doll ever produced. She’s run for president six times since 1992, traveled to space in 1965, and is sold in 150 countries around the globe. And in 2015, Barbie got connected.
In March, Mattel released the Hello Barbie doll to the delight of children and hackers everywhere. The doll is capable of engaging in two-way conversation over a WiFi network (and companion app), with up to 8,000 lines of dialog to choose from. Children can ask Barbie questions, participate in co-created stories, and engage in conversations on a wide variety of topics. And since it can connect to the Internet, it has become a target for hackers.
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